5 Reasons why a Virtual Tour will improve business

5 Reasons why a Virtual Tour will increase business tourify estate agent property

Virtual Tours have been around for a while now, but have only quite recently started to become a more popular choice to showcase property.

If, as a property agent, you’re thinking of leveraging Virtual Tours to increase your sales but you find the idea daunting, this article may just help you decide by giving you 5 reasons why Virtual Tours will help you increase business and improve the chances of selling property faster and more easily.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A Virtual Tour is essentially a collection of 360° photographs that are cleverly linked together to give the user the experience of virtually walking around a location. You may be familiar with the ‘Street View’ mode in Google Maps which enables viewers to zoom in on a map and explore almost as if they are there in person. Well a Virtual Tour for estate agents is exactly the same concept, except it enables the viewer to walk around a property in the same way. What’s more, with a Virtual Tour of property, additional information can be added as the user ‘walks’ around and explores, such as clickable pop-ups or web-links that provide further information about a specific area.

There has never been a better time to exploit Virtual Tours in the property business. With the pandemic sweeping the planet, potential house buyers are more reluctant, or just unable to go outdoors and are still having to avoid being in close proximity to others. A Virtual Tour eliminates the need for a physical tour and not only that, it opens up the ability to view property to a much wider audience.

“There has never been a better time to exploit Virtual Tours in the property business.”

1 . Offer more to your clients.

A Virtual Tour can offer your clients a much more interactive experience than with photos and/or video alone.
Being able to see the property as a whole, then zoom in and walk around from room to room, and even interact with certain things during the tour can give clients a much better feel for a place rather than just looking at photos or even watching a video. What’s more, they can take as much time as they need without feeling pressured, and they can easily re-visit rooms. From the comfort of their own home they can freely discuss what they do and don’t like without fear of offending anyone or feeling awkward. They could also re-take the Virtual Tour some time later without having to arrange a second or even third physical visit. A Virtual Tour also ensures consistency. Once created, the tour remains the same for each visitor, and this reduces the amount of time and effort the property owner may have to make things presentable for each visit.

2 . Time is money, reduce costs, gain time.

You may be wondering how you could reduce costs by paying for the creation of Virtual Tours. ‘Surely that’s the wrong way around?’ I hear you say. Well, Virtual Tours can actually save you money when it comes to property sales.

It’s no secret that planning and carrying out a physical tour takes time and effort. There are appointments to manage, travel costs and traffic to consider. Then there are the ‘no-shows’, and even if everything goes smoothly, there’s no guarantee the client will buy. This can amount to significant wasted time and money.
Virtual Tours also allow you to provide multiple tours simultaneously without you having to be present, leaving you with more free time to focus on other important business activities.

Subsequently, by providing the facility for Virtual Tours, you can reduce the amount of wasted time and effort by ruling out more of the less interested clients before the need for a physical tour. When you do receive a request for a physical visit to a property, you know they are already very interested and less likely to be wasting your time.

Another less known fact about Virtual Tours is that they can help further save time and money by using them to generate floor plans. A professional looking floor plan can be created quite easily using the Virtual Tour software. This negates the need for time consuming measurements being taken when the property is first listed on the market.

By using a trusted Photography business that provides Virtual Tours, it may even be become unnecessary to visit properties at all until a physical tour is required.

“A professional looking floor plan can be created quite easily using the Virtual Tour software.”

3 . Increase Web site traffic and customer base.

Offering Virtual Tours can increase the throughput of traffic to your website significantly. If visitors to your site see a new and interesting way to view property, they are much more likely to re-visit and also share the information to their family and friends via social media. This approach can help people associate your brand with a modern approach and they will be much more likely to continue to return to your site and recommend it to others.

By offering your customer base something the competition does not you will set yourself apart from them, becoming more memorable and trusted.

4 . Provide great value.

By providing a property package that includes a Virtual Tour, you will be providing them with an increased chance of selling their property more easily, with less surprises and hassle. Buyers will have a clearer view of what they are looking at and the process will be simplified as a result. Sellers will benefit from a more professional looking advertisement, less potentially unwanted footfall through their property and subsequently, less disruption to their daily life. As an Estate agent, you will see an increase in productivity and a reduction in ‘less profitable’ resource utilisation such as travel and physical tours.

5 . Privacy.

A very hot topic in the world recently is privacy. If you’re not well read on GDPR, this area can be a minefield, with large fines applicable for those who knowingly or even unknowingly flaunt the rules. Some sellers may be reluctant to have the entire interior of the of their property posted publicly on the internet for anyone to see, and it’s a similar situation when using standard photographs or video to sell a property. However, a Virtual Tour does not need to be posted on the main advert. It can be provided to potential buyers by appointment only or even split up, so that part of the interior is viewable as a public tour, while the remaining rooms are kept private until unlocked. in this case, the web address can also be changed after each virtual visit to retain privacy and prevent onward sharing/repeat viewing on social media for example.

There are many options with a Virtual Tour to ensure privacy levels are maintained at the right level for sellers requirements.

So there you have 5 reasons why Virtual Tours will increase business.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from getting started and offering your clients additional tools to sell their property.

But, if you don’t have the time or patience needed to learn how to deliver Virtual Tours then there are other, easier ways to ensure you don’t fall behind the leading edge. Why not ask Tourify to do it for you?
Tourify can take care of all of your Virtual Tours, and can also add aerial photography, photography and stunning videos to your portfolio.

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